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License Agreement

Free 30-day Trial Period

KeepTool GmbH offers each user a license to install and use KeepTool software on a workstation computer for a period of 30 days. During this period, you can evaluate the KeepTool Enterprise Edition on your computer free of charge. After 30 days, the program will automatically be disabled. You must then purchase a license for the unlimited use of a KeepTool Edition as a registered user, or remove the software completely from your system. The “Help File” may be distributed to anybody free of charge. All other files and manuals must be purchased from KeepTool.

KeepTool License Agreement for Registered Users

Registered users will get an exclusive license for the usage of the purchased software edition on a single physical hardware. To share the license with more than one computer across a network, you must purchase a network license and install it on physical hardware. The number of seats of your license limits the maximum number of workstations allowed to run the software concurrently. Virtual machines and remote desktop connections require a network license.

The KeepTool license grants you access to a set of applications bundled as either Professional or Enterprise edition. You are not allowed to use our applications aside from the licensed edition. Each network license server runs on its own hardware and manages concurrent usage of all applications that belong to a certain edition. You can run multiple license servers on different hardware either for load balancing or to serve licenses for different editions. A TCP/IP connection between workstations and license server is required.

A registered user may make one copy of the KeepTool software for backup or archival purposes only. You may not make copies of the software in order to sell, purchase or rent it. The registered user is permitted to transfer the rights of the contract to a third party if that third party consents in writing to the terms of this agreement. In this case, you must return the license to WebDepot and hand-over all copies of the ticket to that third party.


Each purchased KeepTool license allows you to use our software for an unlimited time. Furthermore, it includes maintenance for one year. Within this period, you are eligible to

  • Download and install updates for the licensed edition (including major releases) that have been released within the maintenance period.
  • Transfer the license to another machine using our WebDepot service.
  • Use our online form for technical question regarding our products.

Please feel free to contact us for renewing the maintenance period of your license for another year.


KeepTool GmbH is the sole originator and the sole owner of the KeepTool software and remains its legal owner. You agree that the grant of a license is not a sale of the software. The contract does not confer any claim on patents, duplications, trade secrets, trademarks or other rights. You may not duplicate, modify, translate, lease, loan, rent or distribute the KeepTool software in its entirety or any part thereof.


The KeepTool software and the accompanying documentation are licensed to you “AS IS”, and without any kind of warranty. KeepTool GmbH does not warrant that the functions of the KeepTool software will meet your requirements, or that its operation will be error-free, or that any defects will be corrected.

KeepTool should be notified of any defects immediately after they become known and not later than 30 days after licensing. If the software is defective, KeepTool will try to repair or replace it, even if this requires multiple attempts. If repairs fail, the customer may request substitution or reimbursement. No repair, advice or inability to repair shall create a warranty.

KeepTool or its agents shall not be liable for the correct selection, application or usage of the product, or for failure resulting from the use of inappropriate hardware, or for any damages resulting from the incorrect use or inability to use the KeepTool software, including damages resulting from negligence. The liability of KeepTool shall not exceed the amount of its insurance under any circumstances. Furthermore, KeepTool is not liable for any unforeseen or unusual damages.

All warranty claims expire 6 months after delivery of the product.

The license shall be governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, and is granted to the licensee as if the transaction had taken place in the Federal Republic of Germany.

You and KeepTool agree that the United Nations agreement regarding contracts for international sales of goods (1980) is explicitly excluded from applicability under this contract. KeepTool reserves the right to terminate the license agreement immediately, if you do not fulfill any of the terms of the contract. You agree that you have read and understood the contract.

This contract is the only one between you and KeepTool and replaces all earlier written, oral or other agreements between you and KeepTool.