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KeepTool 4.2.3

15 Nov 2000

Reverse/DDL keeps track of last-used directory. Bug in the profiles management dialog fixed.
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keeptool 4.2.2

01 Nov 2000

Some bug fixes regarding the Oracle 8 object types and tablespace quota management In each object window, you can now toggle through the tab sheets with the SPACE bar while the CTRL key is held down. Hold both CTRL and SHIFT keys down to toggle between the tabs in reverse order. Also, some improvements regarding […]
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KeepTool 4.2.1

16 Oct 2000

Enhanced data grids New online help Version is based on ODAC 2.50 database access components Automatic coloring of top-most important entities in the ER Diagrammer Enhanced ER diagram subset definition support Improved ER Diagrammer automatic layout Triggers can now be created on particular columns The Database | Rollback segments view shows information about transactions/sessions using […]
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KeepTool 4.1.7

21 Aug 2000

The OCI DLL setting (Hora: Extras | Settings) also affects the other tools.
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KeepTool 4.1.6

29 Jul 2000

ORA-01026 error problem with databases using double-byte character sets fixed.
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KeepTool 4.1.5

05 Jul 2000

Problem with Debugger and Oracle 8.1.6 client software fixed.
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KeepTool 4.1.4

13 Apr 2000

Version is based on ODAC 2.20 HEdit: First 80 characters are shown in the status bar
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KeepTool 4.1.3

24 Mar 2000

Jobs are cleared with the clear-schema function Dialog job/properties improved Generation of PL/SQL call interface improved Print function for data contents improved Minor bug fixes PL/SQL Debugger Problem with large PL/SQL packages solved ER Diagrammer Print function improved New combo box for search function
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KeepTool 4.1.2

12 Mar 2000

Word wrap is activated on the sessions, open cursors, SGA screens The rebuild index dialog is now part of the properties/alter index dialog PL/SQL Debugger: The target session will be automatically stopped when the debug session is finished ER Diagrammer: Bug fix in print function
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KeepTool 4.1.1

26 Feb 2000

Some minor bug fixes Windows 2000 compliant New Synonyms page Redo log page shows special InitOra parameters. These parameters can be changed New search modal dialog on PL/SQL page for finding expressions in PL/SQL packages