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KeepTool 14.2.1

23 Feb 2021

  • Access control lists are used to allow network communication from your PL/SQL code, sending emails for example.
    For managing access control lists using Horas database page, KeepTool 14.2.1 added the following privileges to both ‘Create ACL’ and ‘ACL privileges’ dialogs: http, http_proxy, smtp, jdwp.
  • As you may remember, the “Find PL/SQL” dialog shows a button that allows you to navigate the underlying PL/SQL page to the PL/SQL object selected in the find results grid.
    In this version, we added another button “Open all” that opens all PL/SQL objects found, each in its own editor window.
  • In version 14.0.2 we added a new option “Grid scrollbars always visible” to the “Behavior” page. The option is now turned off by default, i.e. the scrollbar thumb is initially hidden now for a clearer view. It appears when the user hovers the mouse pointer over the grid or scrolls through its content. Hovering the mouse pointer over the scrollbar thumb or its movement path transforms the thumb to a traditional scrollbar. Moving the mouse pointer away from the scrollbar reduces it back to the thumb. The thumb disappears if the mouse pointer is stationary or the control is not scrolled for some time.
  • This release adds smooth scrolling support to data grids, tree lists and other components, while using the in-memory grid mode.
  • The column filtering popup within data grid column headers now has got a new Excel-inspired appearance.
  • The connect dialog now shows below the grid that displays recent connections a find panel. Here you can search for a string in all columns including groups. The data grid highlights all matches.
  • A new option “Data content | Use timestamp literals for date values in script” allows you to use TIMESTAMP literals for DATE values in INSERT, UPDATE and MERGE scripts. The benefit is, you don’t have to bother here with date/time format settings any more. Nevertheless, you can disable the option to continue using string literals that will be converted by TO_DATE().
  • In generated insert scripts, the VALUES clause now appears on a new line in order to make it easier to find corresponding field names and values while reviewing or editing the script.
  • On the database | parameters page as well as the other database parameter grids on farther pages that show a dedicated subset of parameters, we added a new menu item ‘Backup SPFile to PFile’. It is available on the CDB root databse only.
    We recommend to backup the SPFile before changing any SPfile parameter. In the unexpected case the database does not come up properly after a SPfile parameter change and subsequent database restart, it gives you the option to alternatively restart the database using the saved PFile. See our February 2021 blog entry for an example.
  • The setup installs the latest Wibu CodeMeter runtime version 7.20.
    It is recommended to update the CodeMeter runtime on your network license server as well. Therefore, download the runtime setup from .
  • The license manager has been updated and now lets you borrow licenses offline by transferring encoded files. The feature allows you to get our tools run temporarily over a 3rd-party network, especially if no direct license server connection can be established. Hence you never need to work without the help of our tools while installing or maintaining commercial or technical software on your customers sites.

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