Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 11.0.7

07 Oct 2014

  • Similar to tables, packages and other objects, the “users” page highlights recently created accounts using three graded shades of green.
  • User accounts having their password expired are highlighted yellow. Within grace period, highlighting starts with reduced intensity.
  • A new overview tab sheet on the schema page shows a summary of the status of various object categories.
  • Setup procedure is now digitally signed.
  • New last login timestamp column on “users” page for Oracle 12c DB.
  • Improved calculation of the “predefined” column on users and roles grids for Oracle 12c database.
  • New context menu item “Reset current password …” on users page to reset the existing password, e.g. when expiration within grace period.
  • Improved performance on database | roles page.
  • Network license now can be transferred to another machine.
  • You can now use different editions with different users simultaneously on the same machine, e.g. when using terminal services. See new chapter “Multi-user environment on a terminal server” in our installation and licensing guide for details.

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