Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 11.0.6

12 Sep 2014

  • Schema | PLSQL errors page uses color highlighting similar to the error list below the code editor window.
  • The Recently changed objects list has been removed from the main menu item and integrated as a new tab sheet on the Schema page. Many minor improvements have been applied such as using timestamp column instead of last DDL column.
  • Introduced a new option SQL page | auto-show dbms_output window. When unchecked, dbms_output window is not automatically shown.
  • Hora’s main window caption now shows the Oracle edition (e.g. EE, SE, XE) next to the Oracle version number.
  • Direct TCP/IP connectivity now processes NLS_LANG environment variable.
  • A new RMan page has been added showing rman backup job details.
  • The object dependencies tab on the tables, PL/SQL and other pages now shows additional information about the dependent object such as “valid” and “has errors” flag and uses color highlighting to reflect these flags.
  • The green “confirm last DDL highlighting” buttons on Tables, PLSQL and Schema pages have been consolidated into one single button. You can find it in the main menu next to the commit/rollback/refresh buttons. It toggles between 4 states now when clicked without pausing. That allows you to reduce the intensity of highlighting down to zero and after that it returns back to full intensity. Next changes on objects are always highlighted again in full intensity. You can disable the feature by unchecking an option in the settings dialog
  • Added a new main menu group “Tools | Oracle Tools” with menu items “SQL Plus” and “RMan” to run the appropriate Oracle tools from the currently used Oracle home. They are not available for direct TCP/IP connections or when the appropriate tools are not found in the Oracle home.
  • Added a new main menu group “Tools | Database Server” with menu items “Remote Desktop Connection” and “Explore Shared Folders” and “Manage Windows Services” to run the appropriate Windows tools on the database server
  • INSERT/UPDATE/MERGE scripts created from data content now declare a PL/SQL variable for spatial data to avoid SQL array size restriction.
  • Recently changed synonyms and sequences are now highlighted similar to the highlighting of tables, views and PL/SQL objects.
  • The appearance of selected connections in query builder has been improved.

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