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KeepTool 6.0.0

07 Sep 2003

  • The design of the user interfaces for all of KeepTool’s products has been modified to allow the interface to follow the currently selected Windows XP design. In Windows XP, the currently selected tab on all tab sheets is now outlined in orange. The majority of the icons in all products have been updated to show more detail and more color.
  • Hora: The SQL Query Builder has been replaced by a new version that allows tables and columns to be shown graphically, with joins for table relationships being automatically generated. Query Builder now also generates code for cursor “for” loops, in addition to SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE statements. The new facility is covered in the SQL Query Builder topic under Modal Dialogs.
  • Hora: New Export and Import dialogs have been added to both the Tables | Data Contents sheet and the Results grid in the SQL Workshop. These facilities are described under two new topics in the Modal Dialogs: EMS File Export and EMS File Import.
  • Hora: A new Report facility has been added to both the Tables | Data Contents and the Results grid in the SQL Workshop. This facility is described in the Modal Dialogs under the new topic Reporting.
  • Hora and SQL Editor: A new File Comparison facility has been added to the SQL Workbench. It is accessible from both the SQL Repository and File Explorer tabs, and can be used to compare any two text files. This facility is also available from the File Menu in the standalone SQL Editor. It is described in Modal Dialogs under the topic File Comparison.
  • Hora: Two new buttons have been added to the left end of the Toolbar, and are available for most operations that allow updates by typing in a data grid: Commit and Rollback.
  • Hora and SQL Editor: Both Hora’s SQL Workbench and the SQL Editor now display column numbers in the code window.
  • Hora: The Execute Script function in SQL Workbench now ignores SQL*Plus commands. This allows the SQL commands and PL/SQL blocks in scripts to run without interruption.
  • Hora: The Execute Script function now shows results from SELECT statements in the DBMS_OUTPUT window, where they can be further manipulated.
  • Hora: A new Schema page has been added to the Additional Sidebar. The page gives information about the status of all objects within the currently selected schema, without regard to the type of object.
  • Hora: The Grant System Privileges dialog, found under both Database | Roles and Users | Roles & Privileges, now uses icons to distinguish between roles and privileges, and adds a checkbox to facilitate multiple grants.
  • Hora: The Privileges tab sheet of the Tables page has been redesigned to show grantees and privileges through a grid.
  • Hora: All grid columns can now be resized. Double-clicking a column boundary will set the column size to that of the largest cell. Pressing the Alt key when selecting a text area with the mouse enables selecting a rectangular block of text.
  • Hora: On the Database page, port string, version and compatibility have been added. All options, whether installed or not, are shown, with unavailable options in gray.
  • Hora: The Schema | Clear Schema menu option now gives detailed information about objects that cannot be dropped, such as public synonyms.
  • Reverse DDL Engineer: A filter condition can now be applied when specifying objects to be included individually.
  • When creating new foreign-key relationships in ER Diagrammer, new foreign key names are now shown automatically without the need to update the diagram.
  • When ER Diagrammer has been started from a saved .dgr file, a connection dialog is automatically presented after any attempt to update the diagram.

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