Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 5.2.0

16 Sep 2002

  • Reverse DDL Generator now creates DDL for tablespaces, and is available through Hora’s context menu.
  • The Overview Tablespaces sheet now includes the tablespace number.
  • SQL Logging is now called SQL Recording, and can be toggled on or off through the Extras menu, as well as from the SQL Preview window.
  • The SQL Repository is now file-based. SQL that was previously stored in the Windows Registry can now be imported. SQL Recording can designate a destination file through the new File Explorer tab.
  • New Code Completion menu item under Query on the SQL Editor context menu. This feature also appears automatically when entering a table name, alias name, or package name, followed by a period, in a SQL statement.
  • The DBMS_Profiler Oracle-supplied package can be invoked through a new toolbar icon from SQL Workbench.
  • In the SQL Editor, color-coding now distinguishes between successfully- and unsuccessfully-executed statements. Problem statements can be corrected in the editor window, and the code can be re-executed.
  • SQL Editor automatically creates Bookmark 0 in front of the first statement.
  • A new MRU (Most Recently Used) tab has been added to the bottom of the Overview Tables sheet. This limits the view to those objects that were most recently selected, using one of the tabs at the top.
  • A new two-part combo box appears for selecting the schema to be viewed. The top part lists the most recently viewed schemas. The bottom lists all schemas in the Data Dictionary that are accessible to the current user.
  • The new Analyze option on the Overview Tables sheet allows the DBMS_STATS package to be used for statistics gathering.
  • The Overview Materialized Views sheet now shows privileges granted and the relevant initialization parameters.
  • A new tab, Long Operations, has been added to the Sessions page.
  • The Triggers and Foreign Keys menu items on the Schema menu have been replaced by Triggers Global Management and Constraints Global Management.
  • Improved error flagging for PL/SQL object and trigger compiles.
  • New Update Comments column on the Initialization Parameters tab of the Database page (Oracle 9i only).
  • New Firing Order and Level columns on the Triggers tab of the Tables page.
  • Data that violates constraints can now be updated directly in the Show Exceptions dialog of the Constraints tab of the Tables page.
  • Views can now be updated directly, using the Data Contents tab of the Tables and Views page.

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