Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 5.1.3

08 Mar 2002

  • Changes to the Tables | Data Contents tab sheet
    • The Create INSERT Script menu item now prevents all previously hidden columns from being included. This feature enables partial comparison of tables belonging to different databases.
    • The new Create UPDATE Script menu item generates a similar script containing UPDATE statements.
  • A new Logging context menu item lets you choose whether tables and indexes should have logging on or off.
  • A new Create Export Parameter File menu item has been added to the Schema menu item of the main form. It allows you to create a parameter file that controls Oracle’s export utility for multi-table exports.
  • It is now possible to add new partitions to a hash-partitioned table, using the Add context menu item of the table partitions grid.
  • Reverse/DDL now allows you to choose between the following methods of computing the START WITH value for sequences:
    • Original start value used to create the sequence.
    • Last number used: this means that the DDL statement starts with the current sequence value. This option is very useful once you have run the DDL script to create the schema structure and used Oracle’s import utility to load the data.
    • Always one, regardless of the original start value and the last number used.
  • The Change Current Schema dialog, which used to appear when you clicked on the schema button to the left of the status bar, has been replaced by a combo box. Its built-in most-recently-used list eliminates the need for a dialog.
  • The Tablespaces | Datafiles sheet now shows the high-water mark for each datafile. This is the absolute number of bytes used, including the free chunks between used data blocks. The size of a datafile can be shrunk to at least this size.
  • When a table is moved to another tablespace, its indexes must be rebuilt. We have added a grid to the Moving to another tablespace dialog that displays the indexes and their tablespaces. You can use the check boxes to select which ones to rebuild.
  • Both Reverse/DDL and the DDL generated from the Show DDL menu item on Hora’s Users page now support Resource Manager privileges. A call to the Resource Manager package is included in the DDL that defines the user if the current user has the privilege of switching a user from one consumer group to another.
  • A new Hora menu item, Tablespaces | Show DDL, has been added.
  • Added context menus to the watches and breakpoints windows of the PL/SQL Debugger, along with the appropriate menu commands.
  • The PL/SQL Debugger now supports server output for Oracle 8i databases. Whenever the Debugger stops, lines written to dbms_output are displayed in the new dbms_output window.

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