Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 5.0.7

12 Dec 2001

  • In Hora, you can now right-click on any table to show the corresponding Create Table statement.
  • Reverse/DDL now supports partitioned tables.
  • The representation of table and index partitions in Hora has been improved.
  • The connect dialog now allows you to choose either normal, sysoper or sysdba as the connect mode. This is required in order to connect as SYS to an Oracle 9i database.
  • The ASCII export dialog now remembers the settings of its last use.
  • The explain plan outline now shows the number of affected rows (cardinality) and the optimizer costs associated with each node. The tree can be saved to an ASCII file using the right mouse button’s context menu.
  • The Create Tablespace Dialog now conforms to the SAFE (Simple Algorithm for Fragmentation Elimination) specification. See Oracle paper #711 on for more information.
  • The Tablespaces | Segments/Extents sheet now displays statistics about the number of segments and the amount of data used by each combination of owner and segment type. The subordinate grid shows only segments of the selected type.
  • The new Tablespaces | Fragmentation sheet shows statistics about the number and size of used extents and free chunks in the selected tablespace.
  • An user’s account now can be locked and unlocked. Locked users are displayed in a grayed font.
  • Added an incremental search dialog to each MDI child window that has the A..Z navigation buttons in the left, and overview and multiple detail panes. This dialog appears as soon as you press a letter key while the overview grid has the focus.

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