Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 4.0.1

11 Oct 1999

  • New feature: By using the context menu (Properties/Alter/Rename), all constraints can be renamed and modified. Now it is possible to change a foreign key to cascading and to change the search condition for a constraint. In case of error, the existing constraint will be restored. Before renaming a primary key, dependent foreign keys must not exist.
  • Bug fix: Color coding on the Tables|Triggers page was corrected. Triggers with errors are now shown in red, and invalid and disabled triggers in gray.
  • Bug fix: named constraints are now detected or shown using the reverse.sql script
  • After successful compilation of a PL/SQL package, the cursor is now positioned where it was previously
  • In all grids sorting is performed by clicking on the title of the grid column
  • ER Diagrammer: Bug fix: Now the cursor moves in synch with the shape
  • ER Diagrammer: The default zoom factor can be chosen and auto-zoom can be deactivated
  • ER Diagrammer: Snap to grid, grid visibility, and grid size can be adjusted
  • ER Diagrammer: Bitmaps can be deactivated

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