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Current version: - last updated May 28, 2018


Hello! Welcome to our first KeepTool newsletter of 2017. This issue will focus on two of the enhancements recently added to Hora: Running an initialization script after connecting to the database Avoiding character set conversion pitfalls when migrating to Oracle 12c Then we’ll point out how the Reverse Database Engineer can be called from a … Continued

Hello, and welcome once again to our quarterly KeepTool newsletter, Keeping in Touch. In this issue, we’ll be highlighting a few of the new features that were introduced with Version 12.1.1, which was released in September 2016. KeepTool 12.1.1 is entirely compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Support for NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS on the PL/SQL Page A … Continued

KeepTool 12.1 released

July 18, 2016

Welcome to the KeepTool newsletter for July, 2016. This month, we are pleased to announce the release of KeepTool Version 12.1.0. The new version offers several ways to simplify your coding efforts, as well as the addition of a “license borrowing” function for network licenses. New “license borrowing” function for using KeepTool 12 outside the … Continued

If your table has a foreign key to a master table, it is always a good idea—although not required—to have an index on the foreign key column to improve performance. If you should find situations where the index is missing, it’s easy to create it with Hora. Here we’ve cloned the HR schema into HR1 … Continued

KeepTool 12 released

March 1, 2016

We’d like to introduce you to KeepTool 12, which offers additional support for Oracle 12c as well as for the depiction of Oracle Spatial data. We’ve also instituted a new, easier licensing process and made the user interface blend in with Google’s Material Design standard.

In Version 12, Hora Light, our compact version of Hora for end users, has been renamed Hora Free, and as its name says, it is absolutely free to download and distribute.

Please continue reading to learn more about KeepTool 12.

Release Notes

  • All database tools are now compatible with both KeepTool 12 and upcoming KeepTool 14 license containers.
  • For managing KeepTool 14 licenses, KeepTool 14 license management tools should be used.

  • The connect dialog is now able to list TNS service names in the combo box, even if an Oracle Instant Client is used. Therefore, you have to provide the location of a tnsnames.ora file in the TNS_ADMIN Windows environment variable.
  • As you may remember, the expandable section of the connect dialog shows the file path of the currently used Oracle Home. This information is now extended by a different [TNS_ADMIN] location, if defined using the TNS_ADMIN environment variable or the TNS_ADMIN registry entry. That path overrides the default location of the tnsnames.ora file in %oracle_home%\rdbms\admin.
  • Starting with Oracle 12c release 2, Oracle object names are no more restricted to a maximum of 30 characters. For Oracle 12c release 2 databases, the length check has been weakened to 128 characters.
  • The order of Hora’s sidebar icons has been consolidated with the order of the corresponding main menu items.

  • Direct TCP/IP connectivity now supports Oracle 12c connect modes SYSBACKUP, SYSDG, SYSKM
  • Direct TCP/IP connectivity now supports OS authentication
  • N'nchar literal'  is now supported