KeepTool 12

We are proud to announce the release of KeepTool’s 12th edition. With over 50 improvements and a visual overhaul of the interface, KeepTool 12 is one of our biggest releases yet.

Windows 10 Compatibility

All KeepTool 12 client editions now run on Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and the corresponding server versions: 2008 release 2, 2012, 2012 release 2 and 2016.

KeepTool Free

Our new Free Edition consists of Hora Free—the compact successor to Hora Light that has been designed for end users who are focused on data entry, mining, and reporting.

Improved Oracle Spatial Support

Oracle Spatial support has been improved. We have added maintenance of spatial indexes, coordinate system changes including data transformation, configuration of the bounding rectangle and automatic creation of comments for MDRT tables implicitly created by Oracle.

New Oracle 12c Features

We continue to add support for new Oracle 12c features. For example, KeepTool 12 now supports the EXPLICIT NULLS clause, invisible columns and Oracle identity columns.

Visual Facelift

KeepTool 12 introduces a new look and feel. All button images have been repainted to blend seamlessly into Google’s new Material Design standard. The skinned user interface is now enabled by default, showing fewer edges and lines than before.

Over 50 Improvements

Many pages, particularly in Hora, have added new functionality. The Release Notes for Version 12 provide a complete list.

KeepTool Features

Current version: - updated 09/May/16


KeepTool 12 released

March 1, 2016

We’d like to introduce you to KeepTool 12, which offers additional support for Oracle 12c as well as for the depiction of Oracle Spatial data. We’ve also instituted a new, easier licensing process and made the user interface blend in with Google’s Material Design standard.

In Version 12, Hora Light, our compact version of Hora for end users, has been renamed Hora Free, and as its name says, it is absolutely free to download and distribute.

Please continue reading to learn more about KeepTool 12.

KeepTool provides many useful functions for working with spatial data. By creating KML files, you can quickly show spatial data on a map. What’s more, Hora facilitates the configuration of maintenance operations for spatial columns.

Welcome to the latest issue of KeepTool’s Newsletter, Keeping in Touch. As we promised in our November 2014 issue, we are going to continue with a short series of articles that illustrate the most important features of KeepTool 11. This time, we’ll discuss a fundamental capability, namely the generation of SQL statements—something that KeepTool 11 handles in a smooth and elegant manner.

The new Release 11.2 enables the usage of network licenses based on TCP/IP instead of NetBIOS.

Shift + Ctrl + E(xcel)

November 11, 2014

The ability to export data to Microsoft Excel has long been a compelling feature of KeepTool, available through both a speed button and a context menu item.

We will take a deeper look into how this works later in this article.

Release Notes

  • A new option “Settings | SQL page | show active tooltips” allows you to disable context sensitive tooltips, especially when using a slow database connection.
  • Active tooltips on SQL page are cached now for better performance
  • A new toggle switch “Sample binds” on the session page allows you to include sample binds on demand only.
  • Excel export now allows you to change file name. Export directory is stored as default for next call for both connection and database.

  • Tablespaces using more than 95% [99%] of the maximum auto extensible space are highlighted yellow [red].
  • New skins Office2016Colorful and Office2016Dark.
  • Support for Materialized View Refresh groups
  • Connect dialog now allows you to use PNG and GIF images besides BMP and JPG. Improved image alignment when displayed in form header.
  • On the Schema | Spatial Columns page, the menu item “Comment spatial index table” has been replaced by “Comment all spatial index support tables ...”. It batch-creates comments for all MDRT% and MDXT% tables in the current schema that are created implicitly by Oracle for spatial index support.
  • Wibu 6.20 license management runtime. It is recommended (but not required) to update the network license server as well.
  • Incremental search in data content filter box now can be disabled by settings.

  • Several Materialized View refresh options can be changed now, including the new Oracle 12c “out of place refresh” option.
  • Colors for tagging DB connections now can be configured in the settings dialog.
  • A new Button “Delete saved passwords” on the “Settings | Startup window” page allows you to delete all (encrypted) passwords from ktprojects.xml file that have been saved by the connect dialog.
  • You can add a Boolean registry entry HKLM\Software\KeepTool\12\DontSavePasswords to prevent the user from saving passwords in the connect dialog. Double-click registry file (or DontSavePasswordsWow6432.reg on 32-bit subsystem) to import an appropriate registry key.