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KeepTool 14.0.7

06 Mai 2019

  • In KeepTool 14.0.7, Reverse DB now allows you to export data as MERGE script as an alternative to the INSERT script. Use the radio group “statement type” to change.
    Furthermore, you can restrict the amount of data by entering a WHERE condition that can be applied to each selected table. For example, you can export records only that have been added or updated recently by entering a minimum value for the ORA_ROWSCN pseudo column that is available for each table. Reverse DB generates a sample WHERE condition based on ORA_ROWSCN and the system’s current SCN. Decrease the value to export more records. You can use the TIMESTAMP_TO_SCN( ) function to compute the SCN for a given timestamp within the recent past.
    Please remember, the ORA_ROWSCN pseudo column can be included in Hora’s data content views after both changing the “select ORA_ROWSCN” setting to either “automatic” or “always”, and unhiding the invisble ORA_ROWSCN column in the data content view.
    Create the table with ROWDEPENDENCIES clause for having ORA_ROWSCN associated on row level rather than block level.
  • Hora’s Sessions | Open cursors page shows in KeepTool 14.0.7 additional columns “last SQL active time” and “cursor type” (Oracle 11g and later).

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