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Bundles Hora's most used pages and is available for free. Ideal for key users of database applications. This edition is designed for end users whose needs center around viewing tables, writing their own simple queries, or running ready-made queries.

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Contains everything you need for application development and administration. Our top-seller. This edition includes the core component Hora and its subsidiary programs: SQL Editor, HTML Documentation Generator, and Reverse DDL Engineer.

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Includes all tools of the professional edition and adds ER Diagrammer, PL/SQL Debugger and DB Compare.

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  • SQL Scratch Pad
  • DB Object browser
  • Manage data and object structure
  • View database status
  • Execute SQL
  • PL/SQL development
  • Database administration
  • Standalone SQL file editor with syntax highlighting
  • SQL Script execution and error management
  • Batch execution
  • Creates a HTML documentation for a database schema
  • Browser linked foreign key relations
  • View definition uses syntax highlighting
  • DDL generation for a database schema
  • DB object selection
  • Enabled for batch mode
  • ER diagram generation for an existing schema
  • Subset definition
  • Use for structural documentation
  • Compare structure of two database schemas with each other
  • Show added, deleted and changed objects
  • View DDL differences of changed objects
  • Step by step execution
  • Set breakpoints
  • Watch variables


800 €*

1100 €*




* Note
  • Value Added Tax will be charged on all orders within Germany and from EU countries if no tax id number is supplied.
  • The same prices apply to Workstation and Network licenses.
  • Prices subject to change. The software will be distributed only by download from KeepTool’s website.


With every KeepTool license you get:

  • Use of the acquired Keeptool edition on the supported platforms either as workstation or floating license.
  • One year of free updates from our download server. This includes both minor updates (patches) and upgrades to the next major version if released within the service period.
  • One year of product support by email.
  • One year’s free use of our cloud-based license depot for license transfers between different machines.

The maintenance period can be extended:

Professional Enterprise
1 additional year maintenance 120.00 € 165.00 €

Additional maintenace can be ordered by contacting the KeeTool support at


Purchase of 10 or more licenses in one order 30% Discount
Purchase of 5-9 licenses in one order 20% Discount
Special arrangements for students, universities and other educational institutions Available on request