Download and installation

Our software is distributed electronically and can be downloaded from our download site. There are two separate setups supporting 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. On a 32-bit system you must use the 32-bit setup. On a 64-bit system, you can choose the architecture you prefer.

For establishing an Oracle SQL*Net connection, you must install the Oracle client software that matches your 32- or 64-bit architecture. When using our direct TCP/IP connectivity only, you can choose either the 32- or the 64-bit executable. On a 64-bit OS, the native 64-bit compilation runs slightly faster than its 32-bit companion.

The setup program guides you through the installation. After accepting the license agreement and confirming the installation folder you can select a combo box from a set of predefined installation configurations:

  • Enterprise Edition (includes Hora, Reverse DB Engineer, SQL Editor, HTML Doc, DB Compare, ER Diagrammer, PL/SQL Debugger)
  • Professional Edition (includes Hora, Reverse DB Engineer, SQL Editor, HTML Doc)
  • Network License Server (includes only the Wibu/Codemeter software, necessary to run a license server)
  • Custom installation


After purchasing a KeepTool product you will receive a ticket. This ticket is valid for all license activations for your order.

Using the ticket, you can return your license from the licensed computer to KeepTool License WebDepot for subsequent activation on another machine. This service is free for the duration of your maintenance period.

You can choose between two licensing models:

  • A Workstation License is bound to a physical computer workstation.The license can be transferred to any another computer without contacting KeepTool.
  • The Network License is bound to a computer that hosts a pool of licenses for a given KeepTool Edition that it shares with a fixed number of clients over the network.

Workstation License

To activate a KeepTool Workstation license start the KeepTool Start Center. At the bottom right of the KeepTool Start Center, click “License Management”.

Enter your ticket number and hit "Activate license".

The KeepTool License Depot opens inside a browser showing a list of all licenses available for your order. Click "Activate licenses".

Select the licenses you want to activate and click "Activate selected licenses now".

The depot automatically imports and activates your licenses on your PC.

Your workstation license is now activated. Please retain your ticket number for future use.

Network license

Our network license runs on a Wibu/CodeMeter license server. You can choose between the following operating systems:

  • Windows 32 or 64 Bit
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

1) Server download & installation

For installing the license server on Microsoft Windows, run the downloaded setup and choose the “Network license server” option.

For the other operating systems, please download and install the appropriate runtime from

2) Server activation

To activate your license server, point your web browser to

The KeepTool License Depot opens. After entering your ticket you are asked to choose your binding option. You normally pick "CmtActLicense". Only if you received an USB-Dongle from KeepTool, choose CmDongle. Eventually a list of available licenses is displayed. Click "Activate licenses".

Select the licenses you want to activate and click "Activate selected licenses now".

The depot automatically imports and activates your licenses on your server.

Your network license is now activated. Please retain your ticket number for future use.

3) Starting the server

Start the license server by opening the local administration interface using the URL:


Select the “Enable” option button under

Configuration | Server | Server Access | Network Server.

4) Configuring a client

As a rule, a client will find the server automatically; settings can be changed using WebAdmin on the client.

To change the server settings on the client, open the WebAdmin at http://localhost:22350/ and go to Configuration->Basic->Server Search List and add the servers adress.

Transfering a license

In case of a server change or hardware replacement (such as a new laptop), you can transfer your license to another computer. The process is the same for either a workstation or a network license.

Before the actual transfer, you must return the current license. Using the computer with the activated license (for network licenses, this will be on the server), go to and enter your ticket.

Below the overview of your licenses, press "Re-host licenses".

You may now select the license that you want to transfer and confirm the return with “Return selected licenses now.”

The license now becomes available for you to load on another computer, and it can now be reactivated as described under Workstation license or Network license.

Offline Activation

If the computer on which the license is to be reactivated does not have an Internet connection, you can perform an offline activation. This requires that you manually upload the license data and later manually activate it.

Creating the license request file

On the computer that is to be activated, import an empty license container by importing (double-clicking) the "KeepTool12.WibuCmLif" file from within the /wibu/ subdirectory inside your KeepTool installation directoy, e.g. "C:\Program Files\KeepTool\KeepTool-12\Wibu\KeepTool12.WibuCmLif". Afterwards open the Codemeter Control Center. Select KeepTool from the list and press “License Activation.”

Select "Create license request."

Save the file that is created and transfer it to a computer that has an Internet connection.

Uploading and activation

Using a computer with an Internet connection, go to the KeepTool Webdepot and enter your ticket. This step is covered under Workstation license or Network license. Instead of activating the license directly, click Offline Transfer.

Select your license and use the Upload function to upload the license request file that was created.

The Webdepot will activate your license and let you download a license activation file. This file must then be transferred to the computer that is to be activated. That computer can then be activated by double-clicking the file.