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SQL Editor

Excel export, query builder ...

The functionality of the SQL Editor is also part of Hora. But sometimes you simply need this functionality and for this reason we also offer the SQL Editor as a separate tool. First of all, it offers everything you can expect from a good editor. You can connect to an Oracle database and execute statements or scripts.
The connection dialog is described in detail on the Hora page.

In the picture you can see the result of a simple SELECT statement. It can be displayed in various ways: for example, in a table view such as the one on the adjacent screen, or in a single view. The SQL Editor contains an integrated Report Generator and you can also export the result set to Excel for further processing.

SELECT Statement

With the integrated graphical Query Builder, you can easily generate SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. In the adjacent figure, some columns of three tables were selected for a SELECT statement. The Query Builder generates an SQL statement, which can then be adjusted in the editor if necessary. You can also use the Query Builder to create CURSOR FOR loops.

Query Builder

You can use the Object Browser to quickly access the essential properties of the following object types: Tables, Views, Packages, Sequences, Procedures, Functions.
You can use the code snippets, for example, to work very comfortably with the various date and time functions of Oracle.

Code Snippets

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