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Reverse DB

create DDL script

With Reverse DB you can create a complete DDL of an Oracle database. It is also possible to generate DDL from selected parts of the database. Sometimes you want to transfer all or just some of the triggers from one database scheme to another. Or you want to transfer exactly one table with all comments. The Reverse DB is the appropriate tool in this case.
You connect to the corresponding database. The connection dialog is described in detail on the Hora page.

In the configuration dialog you can choose, for example, for which object types of the database scheme a DDL script should be created. In the adjacent figure, tables and views with the object types that typically belong to them were selected.

Reverse DB Configuration

Click on Generate and a DDL script will be generated according to your specifications. Click on the image to the right. You will then see a typical section of such a script.

Reverse DB Result

With Reverse DB, you can also create INSERT or MERGE scripts for the table contents of selected tables. This can be interesting if you want to transfer changes in a master data table that have been made since a certain point in time to another schema.

In the example on the left, Data and the SPECIES table have been selected for this purpose. MERGE was chosen as the statement type. A filter was set using the ORA_ROWSCN so that only the changes from the time determined by the ROWSCN are taken into account.

Reverse DB Data

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