• The connect dialog is now able to list TNS service names in the combo box, even if an Oracle Instant Client is used. Therefore, you have to provide the location of a tnsnames.ora file in the TNS_ADMIN Windows environment variable.
  • As you may remember, the expandable section of the connect dialog shows the file path of the currently used Oracle Home. This information is now extended by a different [TNS_ADMIN] location, if defined using the TNS_ADMIN environment variable or the TNS_ADMIN registry entry. That path overrides the default location of the tnsnames.ora file in %oracle_home%\rdbms\admin.
  • Starting with Oracle 12c release 2, Oracle object names are no more restricted to a maximum of 30 characters. For Oracle 12c release 2 databases, the length check has been weakened to 128 characters.
  • The order of Hora’s sidebar icons has been consolidated with the order of the corresponding main menu items.