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PL/SQL Debugger

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PL/SQL is an often underestimated language. The ability to define packages means that larger projects can also be handled in PL/SQL. Through the direct integration into your Oracle database, you often achieve a surprisingly good performance. To work really effectively, you need a debugger. Here our tool is a good choice. The PL/SQL Debugger offers everything you can expect from a debugger today.

The simple procedure CALCULATESQUARE is used as an example. First, the procedure must be compiled with the debug option. Open the Procedures tab in the PL/SQL view in Hora, select the procedure and click on Compile for Debugging in the context menu of the right mouse button. In order to debug this procedure, you need PL/SQL source code that calls this procedure — the so-called Call Interface. In Hora, go to the tab with the same name and copy the call interface to the clipboard.

PlSql Debugger Compile Debug

Now start the debugger and connect to the corresponding scheme. Then copy the call interface from the clipboard to the Debugger window and enter values for the input parameters.
Now click on Trace Into. It is only then that it is possible to load your procedure via the menu item Source code / open PLSQL Source.

PlSqlDebugger Call Interface

In addition to the tab of the Call Interface, another tab with your procedure now appears. With Trace Over and Trace Into, you can access the source code of your procedure. You can now observe the values of a variable using watched variable as shown in the adjacent screenshot. The current values are displayed in the lower left window. However, you can also see the current values if you point to a variable with the mouse.

PlSqlDebugger Add Watch

In the adjacent screen, a breakpoint was set to the last operable statement. All breakpoints are displayed in the lower middle window.

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