Release 11.2 with TCP/IP Licensing

As part of Version 11.2, KeepTool is introducing a new, more robust process for administering network licenses based on TCP/IP. The new method is based on a new release of CrypKey, published at the beginning of this year. Version 11.2 does away with the need to configure NetBIOS. Moreover, administration of licenses has been markedly simplified in the new version.

Here’s what you need to do on the server when upgrading from Version 11.0 to 11.2:

  • Since the changes affect both servers and clients, the new version needs to be installed on all servers as well as all clients. We recommend that you first uninstall Version 11.0 on all affected machine
  • Your current activation keys remain valid. So there is no need to perform a new activation of your licenses. Doing so would result in a modification of your site code that would invalidate your current license!
  • Server-side administration is now performed directly through the Crypkey’s Network License Manager (NLM) and Enterprise License Manager (ELM). Both of these tools are intuitive to use. After you start NLM, the available servers are shown with their status (active or inactive) and they can be also be started and stopped from the interface. The NLM gives you access to the ELM, where you can display the clients related to each individual server as well as additional status information
  • CrypKeyManagers
    Working with CrypKey Tools: Network License Manager with to active server and Enterprise License Managers showing Clients for KeepTool 11 Enterprise and the Professional Edition.

Here’s what needs to be done for an initial installation of Version 11 on the server:

  • If Version 11.0 has never been installed on the server, installing Version 11.2 results in the activation of the licenses through CrypKey’s ELM. ELM is started automatically from NLM once the license server has been designated. ELM performs the license activation. The individual steps are documented one by one in the „KeepTool Installation and Licensing Guide“ starting on page 17.

Please note:

  • Starting with Version 11.2, KeepTool recommends the exclusive use of TCP/IP licensing for network licenses. The former processes using NetBios and DriveShare still remain available if needed in special situations.
  • The new release does not require any change to the process of installing workstation licenses.