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Setup and Licensing

Download and Installation

Our software is available as 64- and 32-bit installer in our download section. We recommend the 64-bit version. The installation program contains all the tools of the Enterprise Edition and thus also the tools of the Professional Edition. In addition, the License Server is also included in the installation program.

During the installation process, you need to decide between the editions. In the first 30 days you can use our tools for free. So to get acquainted, you should therefore install the Enterprise Edition. For productive use, of course, it makes more sense to install only the edition that you have purchased.

There are two types of licensing:

- For the workstation version, install the purchased edition on your PC and activate the license on it. The tools of your edition can then be used there.

- For the network version, install the license server on a computer and activate the license there. Then start the license server. Let's say you have purchased an edition for 10 users. Up to 10 employees can then simultaneously use the Hora tool. They don’t need to activate a license on their computers. The only requirement is that the license server can be reached via the network.

If you have selected the network variant, it is usually best to install the License Server software only on the computer that you want to use as the license server. You can run the license server on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Download the server software from WIBU user software and install it. Additionally you have to download and install by double -click the KeepTool LIF file.

You can uninstall the license server software on the server and then install a new version. The license is not affected. The only requirement is, that the release date of the new version is within your maintenance interval.

After purchasing an edition, you will receive an e-mail from KeepTool with the license information. This e-mail contains a so-called TicketId of the license, a license certificate in PDF format and a URL through which you can activate the license. Please keep this information! You need the TicketId, for inquiries for example and also for a maintenance extension.

The URL is required to activate your license. Whether you activate the license on your computer before you have installed the KeepTool software or afterwards does not matter.

The following sections describe how to activate a license online. Then you will learn how to activate it even if you do not have an Internet connection.

Online activation

Online activation is the usual process. In this form of activation, the corresponding computer must have a connection to the Internet. If this requirement is not met, read the Offline Activation section.

Workstation License

In your browser on your computer, open the URL that we sent you by e-mail. It opens the so-called WebDepot. Click on the button “I would like to transfer my licenses to a computer” (CmActLicense). After that, the following dialog opens.

Click the “Activate Selected Licenses now” button. After a few seconds, this dialog will appear.

You can now use the software indefinitely on your computer.

You can uninstall the edition and install a new version. The license is not affected. The only requirement is that the release date of the new version is within your maintenance interval.

Network License

First activate the license by following the same steps as for the workstation license: Connect to the computer that you want to serve as the license server. In the browser, open the URL we sent you by e-mail and click “Activate Selected Licenses Now”.

Now the license is activated. But the license server still has to be started. To do this, open the so-called WebAdmin via the URL

http: // localhost: 22350

Then go:
Settings / Server Settings / Server Access

and in the Network Servers group, click “Enable”. This will start the server.

All clients can now work with the purchased edition without having to install or configure anything for licensing.

If a tool of the purchased edition is started on a client, the client automatically searches for a license server in the network. The server checks whether a license for this client is still available. If that's the case, the client gets his license and he can work with the tool.

Maintenance renewal

These are exactly the same steps as for the Workstation and Network licenses.

You open in the browser on the appropriate computer the URL, that we have sent you via e-mail. It opens the so-called WebDepot. Click the Activate Selected Licenses now button. Finished!

Re-Host licenses

You can move your license from one computer to another during your maintenance contract. This applies to both the workstation license and the network license. This move is quite simple and you do not need any support from KeepTool.

When does such a move make sense? If you for example get a new workstation, you can transfer the license to the new computer. It is important that you return the license from your old computer before it is scrapped. Even with a network license, a move can make sense if you swap hardware or distribute the server processes differently on the computers.

The move takes place in two steps: In the first step you return your license. After that, the reteurned license can be activated on another machine with exactly the same steps you took to originally activate the license.

To return the license, open the WebDepot. To do this, enter this URL in your browser and copy the TicketId of the license you want to return into the corresponding field and click the “Continue” button.

Then click on “Re-Host Licenses”. The following dialog appears.

Click “Deactivate Selected Licenses Now”. Your license will be returned to the licensing system and can be downloaded onto your new computer.

The required steps are described in the online activation section.

Borrow a license

In most cases, the Network license is the best choice. But what do you do if you want to use the tools during a commissioning and you have no access to the license server there? In such a case, you can borrow a license during the time of your maintenance contract.

Principally it’s like a public library: if you borrow a book, this copy will not be available to others while you are borrowing it, but you can read the book at home in peace and quiet. The license lending works the same way. If you borrow a license from the license server for a certain period of time, the number of available licenses on the server will decrease by one. The license you borrow behaves like a workstation license. So you can use the tools even if the license server is unreachable.

To borrow a license, open the program LicenseManager.exe, which you can find in the installation section of the KeepTool software.

Click the “Borrow License” button. The license is now transferred to your workstation.

If you are finished working outside of the corporate network, reopen the LicenseManger and return the borrowed license by clicking the “Return License” button. This restores the original state.

Licensing Tools

KeepTool uses a licensing system developed by WIBU Systems AG of Karlsruhe. This system uses a service and a database in the background. There, all information about the licenses and tickets are stored. The WIBU provides tools to you, that can be useful in the daily handling of licensing. Here is a short overview.

1. WebDepot. This is a simple web interface to perform certain actions on the above-mentioned database. You start the WebDepot by entering this URL in your browser. Through the WebDepot you can do things like activate license, return license and restore license.

2. Codemeter ControlCenter. This is a simple Windows application that you can launch from the Windows taskbar. The CodeMeter Control Center shows all containers. There you can do things like stop or start the codemeter CodeMeter Control Center for offline licensing.

3. WebAdmin. This is a simple web interface that visualizes the state of your licenses on your local computer. You will also need WebAdmin to start or stop the license server. You start WebAdmin by entering the URL 
http://localhost:22352/container/cmcontainer_details.html in your browser.

4. LicenseManager. This is a simple Windows application which lets you borrow licenses and return borrowed licenses. You will find the LicenseManager in the installation section of KeepTool.

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