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universal tool for Oracle databases

Do you want to perform administrative tasks in your Oracle database, such as creating a new table, deleting a column, or creating a tablespace? Then Hora is the right tool for you. Do you want to edit the data of a table or navigate along the foreign key relationships? No problem with Hora. Even if you are a PL/SQL developer, Hora is the right tool for you.

Hora offers you everything you need in your daily work as a database administrator, PL/SQL developer or end user. It is intuitive to use. With this tool you are quickly productive.

Here is a short overview of different views in Hora, which shows that Hora really covers all areas of the Oracle database.

Connect Dialog

Connect Dialog

Hora SQL


Hora Data Browser

Data Browser

Hora Tables / Views

Tables / Views

These views can be accessed via the SideBar. The SideBar is clearly arranged in the sections: Standard, Additional and DBA. In addition, there is a section Favorites, which is freely configurable. In this way you can configure Hora according to your needs.

In the adjacent picture, SQL and Tables/Views from the standard section and Sessions from the DBA section have been added to the Favorites.

These screenshots can only give you a glimpse of Hora. You will get to know Hora much better if you download our software and test it yourself.

One of Hora's particular strengths is the way it displays data.

  • Different types of display are offered (list display, single view ...).
  • You can navigate using the foreign key relationships.
  • It is freely configurable which columns are displayed and in which order.
  • A custom configuration can be saved for a scheme and will be available at the next connection with that scheme.
Hora Sidebar

Click on the adjoining button and download our software. You can test them for 30 days free of charge.

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