Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 21c Windows 11 compatible Version (Released: )

To update to version 14 you have to activate the following licenses:

  1. Run-time limitation of version 12: Activation day plus two months
  2. Activation of the version 14 license in a new, automatically created container

The following description shows the case of the upgrade to KeepTool Enterprise. The upgrade to KeepTool Professional is analogous!

Step 1: Activate Prepare Enterprise for Version 14

Open the URL we send you via email on the computer your old license is on. You’ll see the following dialogue:

—BILD Upgrade 1—

Most of our customers do not work with a dongle. In this case, the right button is the right option.
You’ll then see the following picture:

—BILD Upgrade 2—

The article “Prepare Enterprise for Version 14 Upgrade” is already selected. In most cases, the right CmContainer is already chosen. You must choose the CmContainer containing your KeepTool 12 license. The name of the CmContainer ends with “(KeepTool 12)”
‍Click on “Activate selected licenses now”. After a few seconds, this first activation is completed.

Step 2: Activate KeepTool 14 Enterprise

You’ll see the following picture now:

—BILD Upgrade 3—

The first line shows that the first activation step has been completed successfully. The article “KeepTool Enterprise” is now the only one available. Click on “Activate licenses”. Now you have to choose again whether you want to install the license on a computer or whether you prefer to work with a dongle. Then the following picture appears:

—BILD Upgrade 4—

The article “KeepTool Enterprise” is selected already. For the CmContainer, accept the default “Get CmContainer automatically” and click on “Activate selected licenses now”. After a few seconds this second activation is completed and the following picture appears:

—BILD Upgrade 5—

You can now use KeepTool 14.

Further actions

During the next two months you should ensure that all workstations have the new version installed; because after this time, version 12 can no longer be used. You should then delete the old KeepTool 12 container.