KeepTool Blog - 2020

Escape Unicode characters in SQL script

Escape Unicode characters in SQL

07 Dec 2020

After some strenuous development work and extensive tests we released a new major release KeepTool 14.2. We added support for the upcoming new Oracle version 20c as well as Oracle 18/19c features such as Memoptimized rowstore Shadow lost write protection See our Release notes for further details. INSERT-Scripts created by Hora now allow you to […]

Oracle SQL execution history

Retrieve SQL from execution history

31 Aug 2020

Besides other new features, KeepTool 14.1.6 comes with a new main menu item “Extras|SQL execution history” to retrieve SQL from execution history.  It opens a dialog that allows you to retrieve SQL commands from execution history and optionally, copy a selected statement to the Windows clipboard. The new dialog is much more powerful than its […]

Recent Oracle connections grouped by host name

Browsing database connections by host name

08 Mar 2020

Each of our tools comes up with a connect dialog that displays most recent connections. This list can be organized by History, i.e. most recently usage Database, i.e. either TNS alias or hostname:port/servicename for direct TCP/IP connections User, i.e. database user Custom category, i.e. your own predicate you can assign to each session In the […]