KeepTool ER Diagrammer – A powerful tool improved again in version 14.1

16 Dec 2019

The ER Diagrammer is part of the KeepTool Enterprise edition. In an instant, the tool creates a properly arranged Entity-Relationship Diagram by reverse engineering your database. This is very useful for data modelling, understanding an unknown legacy database, and for documentation purpose.

The new ER Diagrammer comes up more flexible with a customizable diagram subset rather than initially collecting all schema tables into one complex super diagram. DBAs, database application developers and system analysts can follow up with creating additional small and manageable diagram views, for example by selecting one certain table name and automatically including all master, detail and sub-detail tables of the selected table.

For the set of tables included in a diagram, you can now generate a matching HTML documentation. The DB-Doc button passes all table names of the diagram as a filter condition to KeepTool’s DbDoc tool. Then copy-paste both ER diagram and HTML description into your technical documents.

Again, KeepTool has succeeded in completing a very powerful tool by adding new features inspired by ideas of our customers from their daily work.