Reverse Database Engineer – New features introduced in version 14.1

08 Oct 2019

Reverse Database Engineer is part of both KeepTool Professional and KeepTool Enterprise editions. Since all our tools benefit from our continual improvement strategy, version 14.1 comes with an important new feature. Reverse DB allows you to create a DDL script for an existing Oracle database schema or any subset of selected objects. That is a very powerful option for any database developer, because you can run the script later on another machine to re-create the database structure, or simply retain the script as part of your backup strategy.

Reverse Database Engineer screenshot

Reverse Database Engineer

New as of version 14.1

Besides structural scripting using DDL, the latest version allows you to script table data and produces either INSERT or MERGE statements. The following options allow you to control how data is scripted:

For large tables the output will be split into more than one file per table. Neverthless, the focus of data scripting is backing up small master data tables that have been filled while designing database structure. For larger amounts of data we still recommend using Oracle datapunp export.

Again, KeepTool has succeeded in completing a very powerful tool Reverse Database Engineer by adding useful new features.