Optimized Excel export for grouped data and totals

30 Sep 2018

The data content browser shows data of the COMPANY table within the HR schema. To enable enhanced grouping capabilities, we activated the “in-memory grid mode” by clicking the appropriate checkbox in the top-right of the data content frame. Data is grouped by CITY by dragging the appropriate column header into the group-by box in the top of the data grid.
You can right-click either footer or group footer to add totals or group summaries. Since our sample data do not contain any numbers that make sense to be summed up, we add a “Count” aggregate function to any column of both footer and group footer.

You can see the computed totals in the hardcopy.‍
Now right-click and choose “Excel export”. After confirming the suggested file name, MS Excel comes up, provided that it has been installed on your machine.

You can see two enhancements in KeepTool 14

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