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Goolge Earth view of Oracle spatial data

Working with Oracle Spatial

30 Jun 2015

Oracle Spatial provides powerful features for working with spatial data such as points and polygons. It is implemented in the MDSYS schema. As long as you have licensed Oracle’s spatial option, KeepTool can help you take full advantage of it. Let’s start Hora and connect to the OE sample schema. The CUSTOMERS.CUST_GEO_LOCATION column instantiates the […]

Oracle SQL query builder

SQL and the Windows clipboard

13 Mar 2015

The SQL Query Generator Building SQL statements is among the most common tasks that an Oracle developer is faced with. In this newsletter, we will explore some approaches that let the developer do this in a more efficient manner. For joining multiple tables, you can use KeepTool’s Query Builder, which you can access from any editor window by clicking the construction-site icon: [...]