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DB Doc

documentation in HTML format

You have created a sophisticated database solution for a customer. Of course your customer expects a clear documentation of the database. This is where DB Doc can help. With this tool you can create HTML documentation of your database in no time at all.
You connect to the corresponding database. The connection dialog is described in detail on the Hora page.

In a configuration dialog you can select the language in which the documentation should be created. You can modify the title and appearance of the HTML pages. For example, you can decide that certain parts of the database, such as stored procedures, should not be included in the documentation.

DB Doc Configuration

Click on Create DB Documentation and the documentation will be created according to your specifications. Click on the image to the right. This will display a typical section of the documentation. The document makes extensive use of HTML: From the overview of the tables you can click on the respective table. There are corresponding links for the columns of a table and its foreign keys.

DB Doc Result

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