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DB Compare

comparison of two schemes

A database solution is often used at several locations. As long as the spreadsheet structure is the same at all locations, it is simple. It becomes difficult when an extension for one location is then implemented. Which database adjustments have already been made at the site? Have any undocumented local changes been made?

Experience has shown that problems resulting from such inconsistencies are not easy to identify. This is where DB Compare can help you. You can easily compare the structure of two databases.
To compare two schemes, you need to connect to both. The connection dialog is described in detail on the Hora page.

After you have connected to both schemes, you can specify which object types should be compared in the adjacent window.

DB Compare Configuration

In the adjacent screen, you can see that an index is missing from the KEEPER table in the right screen area. This is made clear in the Action column by the text Modify.


A synonym is missing in the right scheme. This is made clear in the Action column by the text Create.

DbCompage Create

You normally want to adjust the second scheme so that it matches the first. To do this, use the DDL script that DB Compare created automatically. If you only want to apply parts of the changes, you can edit the generated script as required.

DbCompage Script

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See the feature list of DB Compare to compare it with competing products.

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