KeepTool is wholly dedicated to the needs of Oracle developers, database administrators, designers and end users.

Founded in Berlin, Germany in 1997 by a group of Oracle professionals looking to improve on the Oracle productivity tools available at that time, KeepTool has since grown to become one of the major players in the European market, with significant numbers of loyal customers throughout the world.

In keeping with the way we started out, we pride ourselves on maintaining close contact with our customer base–responding to their needs and suggestions for future enhancements and for streamlining our products’ functionality. This is our highest priority.


In addition to Hora, our database development and administration tool, KeepTool offers as complementary add-ons: ER Diagrammer, PL/SQL Debugger, DB Compare, Reverse DDL Engineer, HTML Documentation Generator and SQL Editor.

See Tools and Editions page for an overview of all the tools.

Our product offerings go through major revisions in step with advancements in the Oracle database. In 2016, we will be releasing KeepTool 12, which fully supports Oracle 12c.

Since Version 11, our software has been aligned into 3 Editions:

  • KeepTool Professional includes the core component Hora and its subsidiary programs, SQL Editor, HTML Documentation Generator, and Reverse DDL Engineer.
  • KeepTool Enterprise includes all tools of the Professional edition and adds ER Diagrammer, PL/SQL Debugger and DB Compare.
  • KeepTool Free (formerly KeepTool Light) is designed for end users whose needs center around viewing tables and running queries, and it’s absolutely free to use.

KeepTool welcomes your comments and questions on any aspect of our software. Please email your comments to or visit our Contact page.

Thanks for your help!